DZO Vespid Prime T2.1

product image

  • Full-Frame coverage
  • Fast maximum aperture T2.1 to T22 across set
    • (except 90mm Macro, which is T2.8)
  • Compact design, 80mm front diameter
  • Solid metal build for cinema productions
  • 270 degrees focus rotation
  • Standard focus and aperture geared rings for follow focus systems
  • Minimal breathing
  • 16-blade iris design for round/pleasing bokeh
  • Neutral look with soft and pleasing skin tones
    • balanced look between modern and vintage/classic style
  • APO(chromatic) optical design
  • Detachable rear ND filter design


Focal Length25mm35mm50mm75mm90mm100mm125mm
Aperture RangeT2.1-T22T2.1-T22T2.1-T22T2.1-T22T2.8-T22T2.1-T22T2.1-T22
Flange Distance52(PL)/44.14(EF)52(PL)/44.14(EF)52(PL)/44.14(EF)52(PL)/44.14(EF)52(PL)/44.14(EF)52(PL)/44.14(EF)52(PL)/44.14(EF)
Close Focus Dis.(to CCD)0.3m/1ft0.3m/1ft0.37m/1.2ft0.6m/2ft0.258m0.7m/2ft4in0.79m/2ft7in
Largest Supporting Format∮46.5 (Full Frame)∮46.5 (Full Frame)∮46.5 (Full Frame)∮46.5 (Full Frame)∮46.5 (Full Frame)∮46.5 (Full Frame)∮46.5 (Full Frame)
Iris RingManual (rotation angle 64°)Manual (rotation angle 63°)Manual (rotation angle 58°)Manual (rotation angle 68°)Manual (rotation angle 68°)Manual (rotation angle 83°)Manual (rotation angle 84°)
Focusing RingManual (rotation angle 270°)Manual (rotation angle 270°)Manual (rotation angle 270°)Manual (rotation angle 270°)Manual (rotation angle 300°)Manual (rotation angle 270°)Manual (rotation angle 270°)
Outer Dia.: ∮*L∮80*100mm∮80*87mm∮80*87mm∮80*87mm∮80*112mm∮80*100mm∮80*100mm
Weight (appr.)940g834g732g865g800g890g924g
Front Dia.∮80mm∮80mm∮80mm∮80mm∮80mm∮80mm∮80mm
Filter SizeM77M77M77M77M77M77M77
Gear Pitch (Iris/Focusing)0.8M0.8M0.8M0.8M0.8M0.8M0.8M
Blades of Diaphragm16161616161616