Scorpio FF Anamorphic

product image

Thanks to a new anamorphic optical design,
the new Patented lenses keep the advantages from spherical ones with the great anamorphic look.

  • Small size and weight: You can handle them like spherical, and use standard matt boxes and filters.
  • Virtually no distortion or breathing: No need for tricks while shooting: no need to avoid columns or corners, or move the camera while focusing.
  • High aperture with quality: No need to stop down the lens or extra ilumination.
  • No change of compression for close positions: Close focus similar to spherical lenses, without the “fat faces” effect.



FocalApertureClose FocusFrontLengthWeightImage Circle
35mmT2.20.45m/ 1’6″95mm160mm2.2kg37.4mm
40mmT2.20.5m/ 1’8″95mm160mm2.2kg37.4mm
50mmT2.20.55m/ 1’10”95mm160mm2.2kg37.4mm
75mmT2.20.75m/ 2’6″95mm160mm2.2kg37.4mm
100mmT2.21.0m/ 3’3″95mm160mm2.2kg37.4mm