Zeiss Contax SuperSpeed T1.5-T2.9

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In mid ’70 Zeiss and japan company Yashica ran new linę of SLR cameras.
Effect of their cooperation was new C/Y mount.
CONTAX Zeiss uses same glass, coatings and general design as a legendary Zeiss Super Speed lenses, which you know from movies like “The Shining”, Full Metal Jacket”, “Lost in Translation”
Our set includes hand-picked lenses to match coatings from AE J/G series with exchanged perfect round iris.
As for a classic set for silver screen all housings are in silver limited color.
Please remember to check the 28mm/2, which is one of few which has his nickname „Hollywood distagon”.
There is a macro lens MakroPlanar 60mm with 1:1 ratio (CF 0.24m).
Lenses have common iris and focus positions and front diameter: 95mm.
Some of lenses have better than original Close Focus.


Basic set:

LensT-StopCF (M)Weight (kg)FrontLengthImage Circle
21mmT2.90.2219585HAWK65 2.4
25mmT2.90.190.759585MED 44×33
28mmT2.10.240.99576MED 44×33
35mmT1.50.31.159589ALEXA 65
50mmT1.50.450.759572MED 44×33
85mmT1.50.921.159580ALEXA 65
100mmT2.10.691.295106ALEXA 65
135mmT2.11.11.295114ALEXA 65


Extra lenses:

LensT-StopCF (M)Weight (kg)FrontLengthImage Circle
15mmT2.90.161.2295121RED W 8K VV
T2.90.241.4595129RED W 8K VV
180mmT2.91.11.595157ALEXA 65