Mamiya645 TLS FF T2.3

product image

Mamiya645 lenses – popular in medium photography. Following the trend of rehousing photo lenses TLS did amazing thing rehousing those. Few years ago you could see simple rehouse by GLOptics. Those were still medium format lenses so using them in FF or S35 meant cutting image from bigger picture discarding the best from mamiya character. Also lenses still had slow T-stop and you didn’t get wide lenses. Now using baked in KIPON Speedbooster in the LPL mount you have faster (usually T2.3) and wider (starting with 17 for fisheye or 25 for rectilinear) lenses. Whole set includes 17,18,25,32,39,50,57,78,107 and 150. TLS finished the set with silver anodise, touch of orange and known from Mamiya lenses green T-stop. Almost all of them are packed in 95mm front body – very compact but still useful for the crew. For the well known character – they have beautiful flare, very good sharpness and quite warm tone. Fun fact 80mm f1.9 was used at Nolan’s Batman movie Dark Knight, with speedbooster now it’s a 57mm T1.6 which is really astonishing.

Recently we have added first in world 18mm T2.9 rectilinear lens. Made by GL Optics fits perfectly in the set. Now you can choose if you want to use 17mm fisheye or new 18mm for wide angle.



LensClose FocusFront DiameterMountFormatWeight
17mm T/3.311″134mmLPLFF4.92lbs
18mm T/2.910″136mmLPLFF6.17lbs
25mm T/2.812”95mmLPLFF2.92 lbs
32mm T/2.314”95mmLPLFF3.05 lbs
39mm T/2.316”95mmLPLFF3.18 lbs
50mm T/2.32’1”95mmLPLFF2.998 lbs
57mm T/1.62’1”95mmLPLFF2.998 lbs
78mm T/2.33’7”95mmLPLFF2.88 lbs
107mm T/2.84’95mmLPLFF3.32 lbs
150mm T/34’3″95mmLPLMedium4.97 lbs