TAT70 LF Ana. Director’s viewfinder

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The TAT70 Large Format Directors Viewfinder pokrywa wszystkie możliwe formaty. Od Super35 po Alexa65 i średni format. Dostępne są również moduły anamorficzne 1.8x i 2x.


COVERAGE ——- All formats within a 62mm image circle
MASS ————–  1.8kg / 4lbs
DIMENSIONS —– L = 31.75cm / 12.5” – D = 9.5cm / 3.7” – H = 17.75cm / 7”
CONSTRUCTION – Anodized Aluminum Housings, Stainless Steel Mount, Wood
Handgrips, Rubber Eye Guard
MOUNT ———– Native LPL (Accepts 3rd Party Adapters)
ZOOM RELAY —- Adjustable Field Of View For Your Eye Comfort
EYEPIECE ——– Native 26mm With Diopter Adjustment
ANAMORPHIC —- 1.8X, 2X Anamorphic Modules Available