Tokina Cine 100mm macro T2.9

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The Tokina Cinema 100mm T2.9 macro is a true 35mm, full-frame, 1:1 macro close-up lens. Sporting a compact design, the lens achieves maximum magnification at a working distance of 11.8 inches (0.3 meters). This allows enough space for lighting, the camera operator, and the subject to work comfortably.


MountPL, Canon EF, Sony E, Nikon F, MFT
Focal Distance100mm
Optical Structure8 Groups / 9 Elements
Sensor SizeFull Frame 35mm
Minimum Focus Distance0.3m (11.8 inches)
Maximum Macro Magnification1 : 1
Aperture / Iris Blades9
Depth of FieldT2.9 – T22 (F2.8 – F32)
Filter Size82mm
Overall Length (PL mount)148mm (from 133mm mount surface)
Overall Length (Canon EF mount)146.5mm (from 141mm mount surface)
Overall Length (Sony E mount)172.2mm (from 167mm mount surface)
Overall Length (Nikon F mount)143.05mm (from 138.5mm mount surface)
Overall Length (MFT mount)170mm (from 165.8mm mount surface)
Diameter of Front Head85mm
Maximum Diameter88mm
Weight1.31kg (46.2 oz)