Cartoni Maxima 30

product image

The ultimate innovation in CARTONI Fluid Heads designed for today’s Digital Cinematography.

The fluid movements in both Pan & Tilt are exceptionally smooth with that progression going from almost freewheeling to an extremely consistent maximum drag, the starts and stops are extraordinarily precise.

The famed “wing” counterbalance will assists any Camera payload from 3 (7 lbs) to 30 kg (66 lbs) with a perfect response throughout the entire +/- 90 ° range and can reach up to 40 kg (88 lbs) at 100mm CG.

The Maxima 30 includes all the advantages of the famed CARTONI MAXIMA Fluid Head but in a more compact size at a reduced weight of 10,5 kg (23 lbs).

For ease of use a digital read out indicates counterbalance, Pan & Tilt fluid settings at a glance and the bubble level is illuminated.


Minimum Payload Capacity3 kg
7 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity30 kg
66 lbs
Weight10.5 kg
23.1 lbs
Bowl DiameterFlat
Fluid DragContinuous
Pan Range360°
Tilt Range+/-90°
Temperature Range-40°/+60°